Here are a few comments and reviews from our customers...
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I want to let you know that we were able to meet our construction deadline and re-open on time (yesterday). On behalf of Harry’s, a big thanks to you and your team for helping to make that possible. I sincerely appreciate the urgency with which you worked, and look forward to doing business with American in the future…hopefully with a longer lead time.

Justin Griffin

Thank you for getting Ron to call me to review the way this door should be order and Installed. We reviewed our previous conversation about how to measure, order and install this door. I am confident that you and Ron will coach me through this project to a successful completion. It is reassuring to have you, Ron and AWIC as a team and have done this numerous time without any problem.

Thank you so much for all your help

John Hughes

Tamara.....thank you for not only your follow up design but also your info and professionalism. I have decided that when we are ready to purchase our cooler it will be with you and your company. we are presently in the "design" stage right now for my new venture. I plan on meeting with the G/C late next week and hopefully coming away with some legitimate start/completion dates from him. at this point, I do not know when we will be ready for the cooler. I did inform my G/C you need approx. 30 days to build and ship. Once we get further along on this project I will let you know.

Once again, thanks for your help and I look forward to doing business with you!

Mitch Omar

For convenience you can ship it to the same location you shipped the cooler parts. Thank you for checking into this. Initially I was a little apprehensive about ordering a piece of equipment like this online but things have gone much smoother than I thought they would. You were a great help through the process. Thank you!

George Stiefel
Director of Special Projects
Advocacy and Resource Center


You are the best! Thank you for all you have done in facilitating our needs here at Bonaparte Boy Scout Camp in northern Washington State on such short notice. Your professionalism and attention to detail, combined with your customer service, is more than we could have ever hoped for given our short time frame!

Again, my sincere and heartfelt thank you for going the extra mile to take care of our needs!

Kevin Erwert

From the moment we requested a quote to delivery of our walk in cooler, Kristina was friendly, helpful, professional and accommodated all of our requests seamlessly.

We are so happy with the results, both aesthetically & functionally, of our AWIC and will be highly recommending your company, sales & services.

Thanks for everything!

Hello, Gene-

My husband and I just recently purchased a combination cooler/freezer from your company and we wanted you to know that we have been incredibly impressed with our dealing with your sales associate,Tamara Cushing.

Honestly we have put out calls to 8 or so refrigeration companies to get quotes, discuss delivery date possibilities, etc. We we were astounded by the lack of interest in such a large purchase. Lack of follow-up, time it took to get back to us, etc.

But Tamara, from the very beginning, through the first quote, to changes in what we were looking for, getting us detail on specs that we needed, addressing our concerns... she has been phenomenal and a most integral part of why we purchased our system from your company.

Thank you, and it is a pleasure doing business with you-

Wendy Bartok

Hi Dennis

Walk-in got here at 1:00 today had it together by 3:00. Everything looks great.

Thanks so much Kristina for making this happen in the limited time frame. And let the rest of your staff know they rock! And my promise to treat you when we are open still stands.

ome see me at:
Blackbird Kitchen & Beer Gallery
1015 9th St.
Sacramento, CA 95814