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virtual kitchen, also known as a ghost kitchencloud kitchen, or dark kitchen, is a type of food service concept that operates exclusively through online ordering and delivery platforms. Unlike traditional restaurants, virtual kitchens do not have a physical dining area or storefront for customers to visit. Instead, they focus solely on preparing and packaging food for delivery or pick-up.

Virtual kitchens typically operate out of existing restaurant spaces or purpose-built facilities equipped with professional-grade kitchen equipment. They may house multiple food brands or concepts under one roof, allowing for increased efficiency and utilization of resources. These concepts can range from specific cuisine types to popular restaurant chains or even new, innovative food brands.

Customers can place their orders through online platforms, mobile apps, or by phone, and the virtual kitchen prepares the food according to the order specifications. Once ready, the food is either delivered directly to the customer's location or made available for pick-up.

Ghost Kitchen Walk In Coolers

Rise of the Ghost Kitchen Multiverse!

Ghost Kitchen Walk In Coolers
Cloud Kitchen Walk In Coolers

American Walk In Coolers is your direct source for all your cold storage needs.

Dark Kitchen, Cloud kitchen, Ghost kitchen, Virtual Kitchens, even traditional full-service restaurants.. whatever name you call it, this restaurant concept is the future of the food service industry. Equipping your ghost kitchen with an American Walk In Cooler is easy and, most of all, Cost-Effective through Value Engineering, from a single kitchen to a multi-kitchen complex couple with our free consulting support, we have you covered. We can manufacture any size or footprint... the possibilities are endless!

100% Financing Options available and more.

warehouse coolers

Cooler and Freezer Warehouses

Our insulated panels are a prefabricated modular construction designed for fast and easy field assembly, relocation, and future expansion with the addition of like panels. Outdoor Walk-ins will include a heavy-duty one-piece membrane root cap for protection against all weather conditions. Panels consist of interior and exterior metal skins precisely formed with steel dies and roll-forming equipment rigorously checked with gauges for precision. The metal skins are bonded firmly and permanently to the insulation. High-density panels have incredible flexural strength that eliminates the need for perimeter wood framing (old-style construction) still used by some of our competitors.

Display Coolers and Freezers with Endless Possibilities

The constant addition of new products and package sizes continues to create a demand for high-volume beverage Walk-ins and Beer Caves. American Walk In Coolers, with our modular designed panel construction, offer flexibility in length, depth, and height to fit any space requirement, giving you unlimited design possibilities. Built with our leading product line of glass doors and refrigeration equipment, combined with our modular construction, makes AWIC the highest quality Display Coolers/Freezers in the industry. The unique Cam Lock ceiling technology will make installation fast and inexpensive. Let our experienced staff help you design the perfect walk-in from concept to installation.

Display Coolers
Craft Brewery Cooler Storage

Craft Brewery Cooler Storage

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of Craft Brewers, providing them with specialized and personal assistance in the designing of their Walk-in and Warehouse Keg Coolers. Whether you need a custom designed Keg/Tap Display Walk-in or a behind-the-bar type with glass windows and display doors, our experienced team of Specialists can answer your questions regarding proper-sized refrigeration equipment to suit your brewery, providing design, technical, and installation support to best suit your need. American Walk In coolers will save you money and time through value engineering with prompt service and unsurpassed quality products.

Plant and Floral Cooler Storage

Specializing in Floral Cooler manufacturing with over 30 years of experience working with shop owners related to flower/plant storage and event and catering businesses. AWIC offers standard and custom layouts with beautifully designed floral glass display doors and more. Our Surround Air refrigeration system extends the freshness by gently bathing flowers with generous humidity and uniform air temperature. No matter what your Walk-in needs, you will find AWIC staff ready to assist you from start to finish, providing professional and technical assistance, including engineering and CAD drafting shop drawing for your review on all projects. Request your quote today.


EISA Compliance: All walk-in panels manufactured are compliant with the Federal Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007 (public law 110-140) Title III; section 312, regarding walk-in coolers and freezers.