Craft Brewery Walk In Coolers

American Walk in Coolers provides all of our Craft Brewery customers with specialized, personal assistance on the designing of Walk-in Fermentation Coolers & Warehouse Keg Storage Coolers. In addition to providing custom designed Keg / Tap Display Walk in Coolers, behind the bar style, with glass windows and display doors.

Our experienced team of refrigeration system specialists will answer all of your questions regarding proper equipment sizing refrigeration types and different applications that would best suit your Brewery, providing design / build technical support and installations. American Walk-in Coolers will save you money and time on any Walk-in Cooler or Freezer; through value engineering we ensure you're receiving competitive, prompt service with unsurpassed quality.

Floral Coolers 1 Floral Coolers 2

Floral Coolers 1 Floral Coolers 2 Brewery Video from Gene Igou .