Grow Rooms and C1/D1 Labs

Give Your Buds a Place to Chill

Grow Rooms and Extraction Labs

Cultivation in precise conditions will maximize your crop yield and minimize energy use and expense.

Prefabricated to your specifications:
Grow rooms, processing rooms, C1/D1 extraction labs with modular cam-lock wall panel design for commercial or private cultivation. AWIC quickly assemble and are rated at R-32. Grow rooms are designed to fit within your space constraints and precisely manufactured to fit your dimensions and specifications. Our cam-lock panel system tightly fit, eliminate unwanted light or cross contamination from other sources. Light tight, moisture resistant, excellent insulation will help maintain consistent temperatures and humidity RH for superior crop growth, giving you the control for proper growing and blooming cycles.

Expandable for increasing growth possibilities:
As your needs grow so can the AWIC grow rooms, labs and chambers. Readily expandable, reconfigurable or relocated if needed.